Whatever your unemployment situation, BlueBean is here to help you find a job. Covering everyone from school leavers and graduates looking for their first job to people who have been made redundant or have taken a career break, we have it covered

If you’re unemployed it simply means you currently don’t have a job. It DOESN’T mean you’re a government statistic, not a good worker or unemployable, far from it in fact!

You may start to feel worthless without a job, maybe you feel depressed and stressed out about it, maybe you just don’t care.   People react differently to being unemployed but there’s one thing that is common to us all: we need money to live.

At BlueBean we recognise that not all unemployed people are in the same boat. Some people are more employable than others, some have more qualifications or better work experience and sometimes our lives have dealt us tough blows that affect whether or not we can get a job.   One unemployed person’s situation isn’t the same as someone else’s and so our advice is going to be very different depending on your situation. We tailor our advice and guidance to each person so it’s bespoke to you and your circumstances.

So, if you want to get employed let BlueBean help you put a career path together so you have a framework and structure to get you back to work, we look forward to working with you.



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