Returning to work

Thinking about returning to work after having time off for whatever reason is an important decision. It's a big step and there's a lot to think about, so it's normal if you feel a bit anxious. There are many things you can do to update your skills and present your time off in a positive light.   BlueBean can offer practical advice on returning to work. We have some great tools that can ease your journey back into work - a good place to start would be to develop an Action Plan.

What are my options?

1. Staying in the same area of work

This option is often overlooked but, for many people, it’s the most realistic way forward.

Your starting point should be to consider the following:

• assessing your skills, aptitudes and experience

• how to market yourself i.e. CVs, application forms etc

2. Change to a different area of work

Enforced or voluntary career change can lead to a positive and fulfilling outcome. A new career direction can help you to realise your ambitions. There are a number of issues you need to consider:

• what are my transferable skills?

• what are the entry routes to different occupations?

• can I enter new types of work without training?

If you would like help to present yourself in a positive light, brush up on you CV and prepare yourself for employment again then get in touch, we’d love to hear from you.



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