Facing Redundancy

So, it’s happened. The thing that every employee in the UK dreads: you have been made redundant. You’re likely to be feeling a lot of emotions at the moment – sadness, anger, hopelessness and may not be sure how to deal with them.

You’ve probably asked yourself a number of questions:

what happens now?

what else can I do?

how am I going to find a new job?

BlueBean aims to support you through this major change in your life by helping you to answer these questions. We will also help you to consider the ways in which you can use your feelings positively to move on to new opportunities.  When you’re made redundant it’s easy to feel like you’ve lost control of your life and this is the most important time to take it back. We explain how to get back on top of things.

We help you put some structure in place to stay motivated and keep up your self-esteem. That doesn’t mean we make you search for jobs 9-5 – that would quickly wear you down. However, it is sensible to replace the structure of a work day with an alternative that includes time for job searching and most importantly networking.

So don’t sit there alone feeling down, make an enquiry now and start to get you career back on track.



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