Downsizing Resource

In a business enterprise, reducing the number of employees on the operating payroll will be something we all have to face at some point.  Businesses use several techniques in downsizing, including providing incentives to take early retirement and transfer to subsidiary companies, but the most common technique is to simply terminate the employment of a certain number of people and make them redundant.

At BlueBean we believe that an employer should offer good professional career advice and guidance to those facing redundancy or having their contract terminated BEFORE they leave the organisation.  This helps the employee to start putting plans in place on things like CV formatting, mock interviews, career planning and goal setting.  From an employer point of view, you are seen to be offering your people help in order to make the transition a lot easier by giving them access to professional services.

BlueBean will support employees through this major change in their life by working with them in group situations or on a one-to-one basis helping them to prepare for a new career.   We will put a structure in place to keep employees motivated and keep up their self-esteem while actively searching for future employment.

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