Career Change

A key aspect of today’s job market is that people should generally not expect to stay in the same job for life. They may experience, or be forced to consider, a change of job or career on more than one occasion throughout their working lives. Why is this the case?

Redundancy is common in some types of work, and you may be forced to look at new job areas. Even where people do stay in the same type of work, they are expected to take responsibility for developing themselves to enhance their careers and contribute to their company’s achievements.

Retirement does not always mean the end of a person’s working life. Many choose to continue working after the age of retirement. Others taking early retirement may consider a career change, having a good number of years of working life ahead of them.

At some point during our career, we’ve probably all wondered whether we’re in the right job. Whether that’s because you’ve been passed up for promotion, are struggling to find challenges in your work or you’ve just always fancied doing something radically different. It’s a big, and brave, decision to change jobs or careers, so before you make that big step, have a think about whether it’s what you really want. The following questions should help.

1. Have you been overlooked for a promotion you think you deserved?

2. Do I believe in the product/company/service?

3. Am I challenged enough?

4. Are there good enough career progression opportunities here?

5. Would you take redundancy if it was offered to you?

At BlueBean we work with you to put a career plan together that will tap into your core skills and strengths so the next change will be a happy one, we set you goals to map out what profession would suit you best.

Please get in touch for more information, we look forward to working with you.



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